16' Lake Wherry 


The lines were taken from a boat dragged out of a field near Lake Minnetonka.  Best guess - it was a stock livery boat, common to lakes in the what is now the greater Twin City area c.1880 - 1920's.  Most were banged out fast for short hard lives.  The larger builders included Minnetonka Boat Works, White Bear Lake Boatworks, and Ramaley Boat Works.  Those who lived in a particular area would undoubtedly profess theirs was superior to the others. 

A century later this fine design has earned the respect of one off custom construction for the true appreciator of traditional rowing.  They are powered by human passion and custom shaped 8 1/2' Pete Culler designed spoon oars.  $14,000.


 The builder pulling on his sixth wherry.



Above, the daughter of a patron invited the 'more seasoned' builder over for a spin in April '17 after she had traversed to Lake Superior's Madeline Island and back - far background.

Still pulling, still building; Wherry #8 in the works on that date.