Taking of lines; MARIANNE of Bayfield


Boat lines; Boat Building Notes by Garry Couch

MARIANNE of Bayfield, part 1



October 12, 2012 was a beautiful autum day in the orchard country overlooking the Aposltle Islands of Lake Superior.  Taking advantage, I rolled into Jim Erickson’s back 40 on the hill and got to work documenting lines off one more old boat from a day gone by.  And very happy to be doing so, especially drinking Jim's fresh cider.

Jim's grandfather Martin Erickson had Evan Christensen build MARIANNE when he (Jim) was just a young lad in 1940.

Jim recalls the keel coming from up Whitting Road and the boat was built near Bayfield's southern waterfront.


Martin Erickon and the MARIANNE at Rocky Island c.1960, from Bob Nelson's collection

 Work notes;

 - She's leaning a little and compensations were taken. 
 - Measurements were taken to the out side of the steel sheathing.  The covering was well done, with the hull rather fair and true.  Exact thickness unknown.
 - This is the second Even Christensen boat I've documented, the other being the Bobbie.
 - Don swung by and caught some of the ups and downs of the trade.  Thanks for the photos.

Real action;


measuring a half-breadth point from the base up.


Generally speaking a base line (usually parallel to the keel),  and a center line (or line  parallel to the CL) are established - and perpendicular measurements are taken from them - along a station line which is represented by the big square.        

Down and Dirty, measuring up for the half breaths and accross for the waterlines.

measuring the rabbet line up from the base line.             


Establishing a measurement from the center line to sheer at a given point.

silly man on ladder

positioning the square at a given station

Working the square parallel to the center and base lines.          


lifting measurements and angle of the stern area.



  A special thanks to Jim Erickson, for more than the juice.